Report on the energy situation in Slovenia for 2022

We present key data on the Slovenian electricity and gas markets, consumer protection, supply with heat, and energy efficiency.

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Reduced consumption of electricity and natural gas in 2020

In 2020, total electricity consumption decreased by 6.0 % compared to 2019, while the fall in consumption of natural gas was only 0.7 %.

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Consultation on discounts, multipliers and seasonal factors

Energy Agency invites all interested parties to give their opinion on the prepared level of multipliers, seasonal factors, and discounts for tariff period 2022.

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Report on the energy sector in Slovenia for 2019

The agency has published a Report on the situation in the energy sector in Slovenia in 2019.

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ACER/CEER Market Monitoring Report 2016

The report of European energy regulators on the functioning of the internal electricity and natural gas markets in EU in 2016

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