Network charge

The network charge is the amount to be paid by the distribution system user for the use of the distribution system and is calculated on the basis of the tariff rates of the network charge and on the extent of use of this system in accordance with the act setting the methodology for calculating the network charge for the natural gas distribution system.


The network charge for the natural gas distribution system is intended to cover the eligible costs of performing the service of general economic interest of the distribution system operator.


The network charges for distribution and metering are determined by the gas DSOs with the approval of the Energy Agency for the duration of the regulatory framework.


The network charges for distribution also includes costs related to the use of the transmission network at the exit points within Slovenia.


Calculating the network charge

Customers connected to distribution systems are charged, on a monthly basis, the sum of the network charge for distribution covering the cost of using the distribution system, and the sum of the network charge for metering, which covers the costs associated with performing metering, transmission, archiving and processing of metering data, and the maintenance and replacement of measuring devices, where the operator of the distribution system is responsible for these services.

The network charge for distribution is calculated on the basis of:


  • the classification of a demand point in one of the 15 consumption groups defined by the volume of annual consumption and
  • the application of tariff elements for distribution — flat-rate, power, capacity, and consumption, for which tariff rates are defined in relation to each consumption group.


The network charge for metering is calculated according to:


  • the type and size of the measuring device;
  • possible use of temperature and pressure correctors at the measuring point; and
  • the ownership of the measuring device and responsibility for maintenance, calibration, and the required periodic replacement of a measuring device.

Tariff rates for distribution are uniform for all consumption groups in all geographical areas where the distribution of gas is performed by the same gas DSO. Tariffs for distribution by the same gas DSO differ only if the distribution system is not serviced via the Slovenian transmission system.

Tariffs for distribution are different at individual gas DSOs since due to different characteristics of the system and the structure of customers, the operators have different costs for the provision of distribution activities. Tariffs for the distribution of natural gas are laid down in individual legal acts setting network charge tariffs for the natural gas distribution network, and for individual geographical areas.


Other services

A gas DSO may charge users of the system, in addition to network charges, for other services directly related to the performance of the service of general economic interest of the gas DSO and which are not commercial services that can be offered by qualified providers at the market.
The prices of individual services are set by the Energy Agency in the process of granting consent to the regulatory framework based on the disclosure of costs of individual service, which must reflect the actual costs.

Other services are services provided either on request or as a result of behaviour by the customer or a third party and are not included in the tasks of the gas DSO covered by revenues from distribution and metering.


Such services relate mainly to services such as extraordinary account settlement, special meter reading, disconnection or connection of a user, control of supporting documents on the suitability of the gas installation and devices, supply of gas to the installation, inspection of measuring devices, services related to the marking of pipelines, marking-out, and control of the work in the buffer zone of gas pipelines, as well as the costs of employees and allowances per kilometer covered, which serve to evaluate services that are individually conditional and cannot be valued as a standard service.


Charging other services

The gas DSO charges for other services provided to customers or interested third parties on the basis of the Tariffs for other services published on its website.


Other types of services which are individual, depending on the nature and extent of the works and which cannot therefore be evaluate in advance, are charged on the basis of the actual costs of the work, taking into account the published tariff rates that are connected to the labour and transport costs and the actual costs of materials and services. These costs must be shown broken down by components of the service provided.



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