Bodies of the Energy Agency

The bodies of the agency are the director and the six-member council of the Energy Agency.


The Energy Agency's director

Director of the Energy Agency is Duška Godina, who is responsible for performing the following tasks:

  • representing the Agency in legal transactions;
  • issuing the acts of the Agency;
  • managing the Agency and its operation;
  • deciding on the employment rights of Agency employees;
  • determining the internal organisation of the Agency and job classification;
  • appointing Agency executives;
  • is responsible for the lawfulness of the Agency's work.

The Director is appointed by the Council for the term of office of 6 years.


Organizational structure

Internal organizational units of the Energy Agency:

- director's office

- departments for:

  • Network Regulation
  • Economic Regulation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Development and Market Monitoring
  • Legal Affairs
  • Common Services


The Council

The Council's tasks:

  • adopting general acts of the Agency in view of exercising public authority;
  • issuing consents to those general acts of performers of energy sector activities requiring the agreement of the agency in compliance with this Act;
  • adopting the work programme, the financial plan and the business report of the Agency;
  • adopting the Report on the state of the energy sector prepared by the Agency;
  • supervising the legality of the work of the Director and the fulfilment of the Agency's duties in terms of results and performance;
  • appointing and dismiss the Director;
  • carrying out other duties in compliance with this Act and the general act of the Agency.

The Chair and members of the Council are appointed by the National Assembly for a term of office of six years.

The Chair and members are not employees of the Energy Agency.


The Council is composed by:

Borut Bratina, a term of office of six years (until June 2026)

Aleš Ferlež, a term of office of six years (until June 2026)

Maks Babuder, Deputy of Chairwoman, a term of office of six years (until June 2023)

Mitja Breznik, a term of office of six years (until June 2023)

Sandi Šterpin, a term of office of six years (until June 2023)

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