International activities

Our agency supports the vision of a secure, competitive and sustainable internal energy market that brings forward affordable and reliable energy supply to all consumers therefore we work with European regulators in order to develop a coherent regulatory framework for cross-border trade, competition, and investments.

Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)

Our agency is a member of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), which is composed of permanent staff and experts seconded by national regulatory authorities for energy. Its regulatory activities are overseen by a Board of Regulators, composed of senior representatives the national regulatory authorities for energy of the 28 Member States. Agency's administrative and budgetary activities are supervised by the Administrative Board, which members are appointed by European institutions; its third body- Board of Appeal is independent from its administrative and regulatory structures and deals with complaints lodged against ACER decisions. The headquarters of ACER are in Ljubljana. All NRAs are required to attend the meetings of the Board of Regulators and actively participate in working groups. National regulators are involved in ACER consultation and decision-making processes. We are especially active in the working group for the development and establishment of information technology for registration wholesale markets participants and data transactions. One of our colleagues is a co-chair of the REMIT IT Implementation and Management Task Force.

European Commission

The Energy Agency directly participates with the European Commission in matters related to the development of the internal energy market, when regulators are involved in the proceedings. Currently, most of cooperation is associated with the projects of common interest (PCI) and methodologies concerned and evaluation of these investments, and with the certification of the system operator.

We also participate in the forums, which are organized by the EC - the Florence Forum, operating in the area of electricity, and the Madrid Forum, operating in the area of natural gas.

Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER)

Our agency is a member of the Council of the European Energy Regulators –CEER, which is a non-profit European association established in 2000 in Brussels. CEER act as a focal point for exchanging information and good practices between regulators. Working groups complement the work of ACER and are more focused on the retail markets, consumer protection, smart grids development, and energy efficiency.

Regional Initiatives

Since its establishment, ACER coordinates the work of Regional Initiatives and oversees the implementation of regional and cross-border projects within this area. Regional markets arose as a result of EC and NRAs initiatives in order to gradually achieve the goals of the internal energy market.

Slovenian is a part of the following regional markets:

for electricity: Central Eastern Europe (CEE), Central Southern Europe (CSE) and Energy Community; and for gas Central Southern Europe and Energy Community.

Energy Community

The Energy Community extends the EU internal energy market to South-East Europe and beyond. For the work of regulators, Regulatory Board (Energy Community Regulatory Board – ECRB) is the most important body. Gas Forum of the Energy Community is held annually in Slovenia.

Other international cooperation

The Energy Agency is a member of the IPET Section within Slovenian Energy Chamber of Commerce and participates in ebIX - the European forum for energy Business Information eXchange. It is also a joint member of the AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies), participates with the Florence School of Regulation (FSR) and with Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) - the association of energy regulators of Central and Eastern Europe.



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