Tasks of the Energy Agency

The Energy Agency shall, acting under public authorisation, carry out the administrative and other tasks specified in the Energy Act, EU regulations, which determine the competences of the national energy regulators, or in general act of the agency adopted on the basis of the energy legislation. The tasks can be summarized in the following areas:

  • regulation of the network activities, which covers economic regulation of all electricity and gas system operators and the regulation of the network with respect to issuing consents to the general acts
  • regulation of the supply of heat and other energy gases
  • ensuring a reliable supply of natural gas
  • promoting the production of electricity from renewable sources and cogeneration
  • promoting efficient use of energy
  • monitoring of electricity and natural gas market
  • supervising the providers of energy operators' activities
  • protecting the rights of consumers

The Energy Agency must, at least once a year by 30 June for the preceding year, submit a report on the state of the energy sector to the Government and the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. The report shall include among other information also the data on activities and measures carried out by the agency with regard to the fulfilment of its tasks.

The Energy Agency in performing its task establishes conditions that encourage regulated companies to improve performance and investments. It supervises and monitors the implementation of regulated activities by determining the right balance between the quality of supply and prices for regulated services and promotes the efficient use of existing infrastructure. It ensures the transparency and openness of the regulatory process. It cooperates in the preparation and amending of the rules and general acts regulating market operation, and promotes transparency and non-discrimination.

The Energy Agency is continuously improving the regulation of the energy market in accordance with the best professional practice. It participates in the creation of the internal energy market at regional level. 

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