Guarantee of Origin (GO)

A producer generating energy from renewable energy sources, or in a cogeneration facility, may request a guarantee of origin of electricity.


The Energy Agency keeps the Register of Guarantees of the Origin, which provides the management of guarantees of the origin. Producers and traders (usually suppliers) keep in the register an account, which enables a transfer of GOs between accounts. At the producer's request, GOs can be issued in an electronic form to his account, and he can transfer them electronically to another account. GOs can be transferred until their expiry date or cancellation. Cancelled Guarantees of Origin is an authentic evidence of the origin of electricity generated from renewable energy sources or in cogeneration facility.


Producers or their authorized representatives (usually the suppliers purchasing electricity) can open an account by submitting a written Application for opening an account to the agency, and then register in the Register of Guarantees of Origin. The requirement to open an account is a valid declaration for a production facility.


The life cycle of a guarantee of origin consists of issuing, transfer and cancellation.


The producers receiving the support as a guaranteed purchase must  transfer GOs to the Centre of Support.

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