Support for produced electricity from RES and CHP

The Energy Agency must on an annual basis in accordance with Article 373 of the Energy Act issue a public call, inviting investors to submit projects for generation units using renewable energy sources or high-efficiency cogeneration for entry into the support scheme. The public calls are carried out by the Energy Agency in a two-stage competition procedure, within the limits of the financial resources defined in the energy accounts of the Republic of Slovenia for each year.


The investors in the submitted projects of RES and CHP generating plants offer the price of electricity generated by the power plant, determined in accordance with the Methodology for determining the support to electricity produced from renewable energy sources and high-efficiency cogeneration of heat and electricity, in accordance with which they will be able to produce electricity commercially. A notified project is included in a competitive selection process if offered price of electricity from a generating unit does not exceed the above reference electricity prices defined as the reference cost of electricity production determined by the Energy Agency prior to the publication of each public call, depending on the technological and economic parameters of each technology and the nominal power of the generating plants. The electricity price offered for electricity produced is the key project selection criteria.


For the selected RES and CHP generating plants projects, the Energy Agency issues decisions for projects investors and thereby fulfilling the first condition for obtaining support. Investors must carry out the project within three years from the date of issue, or for the projects that are classified as demanding installation under building legislation within five years of issuing the decision (if they apply for a longer period in their application to the public call).


Investors that obtain a decision on the selection of a production plant project in accordance with Article 373 of the Energy Act and the project is carried out in line with the technology specified in the Decision and obtains a declaration for this production facility, may submit an application for the support.


Support shall be implemented as follows:

  • the guaranteed purchase of electricity supplied to the public network and taken over by the Centre for Support (for a production facility with a maximum nominal power capacity of 500 kW), or
  • operating premium for all the net electricity output sold by producers on the market or used for their own consumption (mandatory for generating plants with a nominal power capacity of more than 500 kW).

When the decision on granting support becomes final, the beneficiary shall conclude a contract to provide support with the Centre for support.

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