Investment plans

In accordance with Article 200 of the Energy Act, annually, by 1 June at the latest, the gas TSO shall submit to the Energy Agency an investment plan together with a ten-year network development plan.


Investment plan is in compliance with the ten-year development plan and with the methodology prepared by the Energy Agency and covers the first three years of the ten-year network development plan.


The Energy Agency shall examine the investment plan. If the investments that are taken into account and covered by eligible costs of the TSO would have too large impact on the network charge, the Energy Agency may require the TSO to take into consideration when preparing the proposal for the regulatory framework only certain investments in priority order as defined in the investment plan.


The Energy Agency may require the gas TSO to amend its investment plan. The gas TSO must submit to the Energy Agency the investment plan consistent with the relevant requirements within two months, at the latest, of receiving the requirements of the Energy Agency.


The investment plan, which is an integral part of the ten-year network development plan, is subject to the approval by the Energy Agency.


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