Slovenian transmission network

The Slovenian gas transmission network consists of 1200 kilometres of pipelines, compressor stations in Kidričevo and Ajdovščina, 265 metering-regulation stations and other stations and around 300 measurements points.


The central part of the network includes the pipeline M1 from Ceršak to Rogatec, M2 from Rogatec through Podlog to Vodice and M4 from Roden to Novo Mesto with a nominal pressure 50 bars, and the pipeline M3 from Šempeter near Nova Gorica to Vodice with a nominal pressure 67 bars. These pipelines provide the reliable supply of natural gas in Slovenia.


Slovenian gas transmission network


The Slovenian gas transmission network is connected with the gas transmission networks of Austria, Italy and Croatia and is an integral part of the pan-European gas transmission system.

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