Price for the use of networks and the network charge  

The network charge

The Energy Agency determines the network charge on the basis of the methodology for charging for the network charge, the methodology for setting the network charge, the criteria for establishing eligible costs, and the system of charging for these costs....
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Price for the use of networks

The price for the use of networks is the price that a customer pays for open access, and it consists of the network charge determined by the Energy Agency and the supplements to the network charge determined by the government....
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The network charge in the regulatory periods

Economic regulation of the companies carrying out the activities related to the electricity network is necessary in the cases where a market cannot be fully competitive. With this economic regulation, the Energy Agency compensates for the lack of competition preventing, in this way, the misuse of the monopoly positions of certain market participants. The regulatory regime provides the companies with opportunities and incentives similar to those that occur in a competitive market....
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