Natural gas price

The price of natural gas paid by the consumer consists of the energy price, price for the use of networks and measurements, supplements, contributions, excise duty and VAT.


Energy price primarily depends on business decisions of each supplier and conditions under which goods are procured from a trader or wholesale supplier. Purchase price paid by a supplier depends on several factors, such as characteristics of conclude contracts on gas purchase, movements of prices of gas and petroleum products, the movement of foreign exchange rates, weather conditions, the supply on international markets and the competition in the market.


The price for the use of networks includes the costs of transport of gas through pipelines from the Slovenian border to the consumer's consumption point and measurements.


With choosing supplier and supplier switching consumers can influence on the final price for the supplied gas – on the part which represents the energy price. Suppliers determine this part according to the market and it is not regulated. The remaining components of the final gas price are regulated, and determined by the Energy Agency (network charge) and the Government (supplements, contributions, excise duty, VAT).


Final gas prices for typical household consumer (consumer group D2) including all taxes and duties in Slovenia, individual countries and EU average are shown in the graph below.



In most EU countries in 2012, the gas prices for typical household consumers D2 with an annual consumption between 529 Sm3 and 5287 Sm3 were increasing. With the decrease in the second half of 2012, Slovenia came closer to the EU average price, but still remained 8% above the EU average.


The downward trend in gas prices in Slovenia continued also in 2013, when the price came very close to the average EU price. According to the latest data for the first half of 2013 the average EU price was € 0.69/Sm3, which was 6.7% less than in the second half of 2012 and 4.5% more than in the first half of 2012.
The highest price was in Denmark, and the lowest in Romania.


Most suppliers of natural gas in Slovenia offer gas at the same price for households and small business consumers.


All consumers can monitor and compare gas prices by using the web application Price Comparison Tool. The application displays informative calculations of annual supply costs on the basis of the valid regular price list, which includes at least 50% and 250 consumers of each supplier. The list does not keep a comparative record of prices for special or package offers, which should be monitored on the websites of suppliers.


Gas consumers are advised to choose the best offer according to their needs. They should take into consideration the suppliers' contract conditions and the period of the contract as they may cause additional costs or limit the choices of switching a supplier in the future.


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