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The supply of natural gas is provided by a supplier and a gas DSO, which can be integrated as one company, or they can operate as two different companies. If a supplier and gas DSO are not one company, a consumer can receive two separate bills; one for supply of gas and one for the use of the network. On request, a single bill can be issued for natural gas supplied and for the use of the system and measurements.


The total cost of the gas supply consists of four main elements:

  • the price of natural gas
    • the amount for consumed gas [€/Sm3]
  • the price for the use of the network and measurements
    • the amount for distribution, charged according to consumption with respect to the leased annual capacity (planned annual consumption)
    • the amount for measurements of gas consumption depending on size and type of measurement device and its ownership
  • supplements, contributions, excise duty (contributions to increase energy efficiency, environmental taxes – CO2, contributions for RES and CHP);
    • these costs are calculated according to consumption
  • value added tax (VAT)
    • is calculated on the basis of all above mentioned elements


A supplier charges a consumer the amounts from the first and third indent and adds the VAT.


A gas DSO charges the amount from the second indent and adds VAT.


Informative data on the annual costs of natural gas supply in individual local community are available in the Energy Agency's web application.


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