Market participants

Household consumer

A household consumer is  a customer purchasing natural gas exclusively for his own household consumption.

Market participants

Sources of natural gas

Gas manufacturer, International Stock Exchanges, Wholesale traders


The gas TSO carries out the transport of gas over large distances from the Slovenian entry points to the exit points of individual towns and settlements, or major industrial consumers. The Slovenian gas TSO is the Plinovodi d.o.o. company.

Gas DSOs

The gas DSOs take the gas from the transmission system and transport it within towns and settlements to the distribution network connected consumer. In Slovenia, 16 gas DSOs carry out the activity of the distribution of natural gas in 77 local communities.

The gas TSO and DSOs are responsible mainly for the development of the network, safe operation, maintenance and provision of the adequate capacity of the system and measurement of consumption.

Natural gas suppliers

Consumers can buy gas as an energy source. A consumer has the right to switch supplier and can choose between the offers of all gas suppliers purchasing gas in individual local community. Through the use of web application Price Comparison Tool all consumers can check the current prices of different gas suppliers.

The Energy Agency is responsible for the functioning of the gas market and ensuring the rights of consumers.



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