Electricity prices

Electricity is a good, therefore the subject of the law of demand and supply. With the supply contract, the relationship between the consumers and suppliers is regulated.


Transmission and distribution network charge is intended to cover the costs of the service of general economic interest of the electricity TSO and DSO. The network charges for the transmission system, the distribution system and the connection power are intended to cover the costs of electricity operators related to the maintenance and operation and development of the system.The network charge for the transmission system is also intended to cover the costs of ancillary services. Price for the use of the network is the price, paid by the consumer for the access to network. The network charge for excessive reactive power is intended to cover the costs of the electricity operator for providing the grid voltage conditions, while at the same time encouraging customers to reduce the reactive power consumption.


Final prices for supplied electricity are published on the website of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and Eurostat.

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