How does the Energy Agency work for me?

Determines the network charge

The Energy Agency determines the amount of the network charge, which is disclosed as a separate item on your bill. With this, it ensures that the amount of the network charge reflects the eligible costs of the system operator.

Supervises the energy market

The Energy Agency monitors and supervises the operation and competitiveness of the energy market. With that, we enable you to review the prices and to choose the most favourable electricity supplier.

Takes care for the security of supply

The Energy Agency is responsible for ensuring a reliable supply of electricity and natural gas. We expect electricity and gas in our homes at all times when we need them.

Handles your complaints

The Energy Agency is responsible for deciding on disputes between consumer and system operator concerning access to the system, amount charged for the use of the system and violations of the system operating instructions.  It also decides on complaints against connection approval or refusal to connect issued by the system operator.

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