Market participants

The participants of the electricity market are the producers, traders and suppliers that supply electricity to the consumers. Transmission network moves the electricity from the power stations to the distribution networks. When the electricity reaches the distribution networks, it passes through substations, which use transformers to lower the voltage of the electricity ready to deliver for every use.

A schematic representation of electricity market participants

Electricity generation

Electricity is produced by power plants using various renewable energy sources (e.g. water, wind power, solar power) and non-renewable sources (coal, oil, gas, nuclear power). Market opening allows consumers to be supplied with electricity with respect to the type of electricity production and used energy source. Environmentally conscious consumers can choose electricity produced in an environmentally friendly way, from renewable sources, or in combined heat and power generation plants.

Transmission system

The tasks of the electricity TSO is carried out by the public company Elektro-Slovenija, d.o.o. (ELES). High-voltage network that includes 400, 220 and 110 kV transmission lines provides reliable and quality supply of electricity to large consumers and distribution companies. ELES performs the tasks related to maintenance, development and construction of the transmission network, managing and operating the transmission network and the provision of ancillary services.

Distribution system

The distribution networks are operated by the company SODO, the electricity DSO, d.o.o. On the basis of a lease contract for the distribution infrastructure, the owners of the electricity distribution network on behalf of SODO, d.o.o., provide the services on the distribution network:

Distribution networks include electricity lines and utilities at low voltage level (0.4 kV), medium-level (10, 20 and 35 kV) and in some case on high-voltage level (110 kV).

Market opening

With full opening of the electricity market, (1 July 2007) electricity has become a commodity. The Slovenian market is fully opened, which means that all consumers can choose their supplier.


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