Quality of supply

Within the framework of performing system operator activities, quality of supply shall be determined according to the following quality dimensions:

  • continuity of supply
  • commercial quality
  • voltage quality

The minimum supply quality standards of the operator take the form of the guaranteed standards to be met by the operator and defined by minimum values of the service quality parameters, which have to ensure for each delivery point. If, for reasons on its part, the electricity DSO breaches the standards of quality guaranteed to a system user, it shall pay compensation to the system user upon its written request.


In the event of a sudden crisis in the energy market, and when the physical safety or security of persons, equipment or devices or electric power system integrity is threatened, an electricity TSO may impose measures to reduce the energy supply to certain categories of consumers, determine the order of reductions, lay down the method for using energy and determine obligatory energy production. The electricity system operator shall immediately notify the ministry responsible for energy of the introduction of the measures and their implementation, while the ministry shall immediately submit the notification concerning the adopted measures to other EU Members States and the European Commission.

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